Torani Sauces

Torani Sauces are thicker than syrups, making them perfect as a topping for drinks with whipped cream topping, ice creams and rich cocktails. These decadent sauces can be drizzled on just about any dessert imaginable, adding depth to your after-dinner treat and impressing your guests. Far from being just a sweetener, the flavours are carefully re-created to imitate rich dark chocolate, flavourful white chocolate, and genuine caramel in a liquid form.

Torani Sauces are typically used as a topping for hand-crafted drinks in cafes. Aside from adding a "finishing touch" to the drink, their flavour is much sweeter than the Torani Syrups and the texture adds that "hand-crafted" touch.

Available in 16oz squeeze bottles for you to try, we find most people will opt for the 64oz on their second order. The Sauce Pump is a must-have for measuring out how much sauce you use from one drink to the next, so that you can find what amount works for you.

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