Torani Peach Real Fruit Smoothie Mix 64 oz

Torani Peach Real Fruit Smoothie Mix 64 oz
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Torani Peach Real Fruit Smoothie Mix is the easiest way of making real Peach smoothies without all the work. Sun-kissed ripe yellow peaches grow on trees hoping to one day provide their white-peach hues to a delicious smoothie mix that someone will enjoy. You can help fulfill their dreams by enjoying a savoury straight-from-the-orchard peach smoothie.

Torani Real Fruit Smoothies are:

  • Simple to Make: Just add ice to blender, pour smoothie mix, blend and serve!
  • Nutritious: Made with real fruit, each serving gets you closer to your daily allotment of Vitamin C and Fiber. They do not contain dairy, caffeine or fats!
  • Delicious: Nothing beats the taste of genuine puree'd fruit.
  • Easy to Pour: With a convenient hand-grip built into the bottle

Contains 16 servings per container. Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.

Note: We have had customers indicate that they find these sweeter than just the blended fruit. This product does contain added sugar as a sweetener, and is not simply 100% puree. Also make sure that you're using 1 cup of crushed/shaved ice, which is much more than 1 cup of ice cubes. You will need to play with proportions to get the flavour just right for you.

Simple Peach Smoothie Instructions

Mix 4 oz of Peach smoothie mix with 4 oz of ice, mix in blender and serve.

Mango Green Tea Smoothie
  • 6oz. Torani mango Smoothie Mix
  • 2oz. Chilled Green Tea
  • 2 Cups Ice

Fill cup with ice and pour 6oz Torani Mango Mix, add chilled green tea and blend. Adjust calories downward by increasing the amount of green tea and decreasing the amount of smoothie mix used.


Water, Sugar, Peach Puree, Dextrin (soluble dietary fiber), Natural Flavours, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Pectin, Beta Carotene and Paprika Extract (colour), Xanthan Gum, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

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